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Donna M. CarboneDONNA M. CARBONE
Donna M. Carbone is a freelance writer and contributor to numerous news services. Her monthly opinion column, The View from My Pedestal, appeared in The Beacon Magazine for five years, and she is a regular contributor to the Jupiter Courier. Her poetry and short stories have been featured in recognized publications. She is the creator/moderator of A Novel Approach to Literacy - author meet and greet events held with the intent to increase literacy awareness and introduce new writers to their communities.

She recently released the first two books in her series of Cat Leigh and Marci Welles crime novels set in Palm Beach County. Through Thick and Thin and Silk Suit/Stone Heart use the true account of her daughter's kidnapping and rape in 2007 to focus a spotlight on crimes against women. So miraculous was Jessica's survival that the story has been featured on both Surviving Evil (History Channel) and I Survived (Investigation Discovery). Donna and Jessica appeared on the Katie Couric Show and on numerous radio programs where they discussed safety awareness with the audience. Donna also published Private Hell, a separate crime novel which focuses a spotlight on domestic abuse. As with all of her writing, keeping women safe in an ever increasingly dangerous world is her goal. Last year, she published her first children's book, Lambie and Me, which is based on conversations she has had with her grandson. Donna swears there is a 40-year-old man living inside that 4-year-old body.

Fear Sells, Donna's one man show about negative advertising, was commissioned as the closing offering at the TEDxJupiter conference in November 2013. She was a Scenemaker of the Week in the Palm Beach Post. Donna is also a member of Sisters in Crime, the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs/Stuart and the Jupiter Courier Citizens Advisory Committee. She also holds a Victim's Advocate Designation from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Donna is a recognized playwright. Her play, Shell of a Man, was presented at the Dallas Convention Center in 2015 under the auspices of The Black Academy of Arts and Letters. Shell of a Man is the true story of a Vietnam veteran's 40 year battle with PTSD. Currently, Donna has a number of new plays under consideration by theaters across the country. To learn more about her projects, visit:

Sherman Robert's goals have always been to share the professional knowledge he has gained during his 40 years has a professional actor and educator with parents and students who love the arts and recognize the role the arts play in strong character development.

He is especially drawn to situations where children are exposed to live performance for the first time. He is as passionate about working with his young protégés today as he was when he came to Rosarian 18 years ago. The arts program he has built is recognized throughout the community as one of the best in the area; rivaling magnet schools such as BAK and DSOA. Not one to rest on past successes, he always strives to exceed expectations and, thereby, shine the spotlight on Rosarian as the choice for excellence in education.

Having completed post graduate work in acting, writing, and  directing at the University of Southern Maine, Oxford University, Exeter College, and Yale University, Sherman recognizes the value of continuing education. His total dedication and commitment to both his craft and the children under his care makes him an outstanding teacher at Rosarian and the South Florida Acting and Educational Community. For the last 10 years, he has taught beginning and intermediate acting at the The Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts for Film and Theatre.

Patty Serrano, the owner of Little Panther Prompting, has over 25 years of experience working with actors in all broadcast mediums, including films, commercials, corporate video content, live events, variety lifestyle shows, infomercials and news programs. She received extensive on-the-job training in Manhattan working with the national teleprompting company QTV (now AutoCue). Among the high-profile QTV clients were CBS News, VH1 and General Motors. Patty started Little Panther Prompting in 1996. She has worked with numerous well-known celebrities - including a favorite - The Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts. In 2000, she was honored with placement in the Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. In a recent interview, Patty said that she receives the greatest satisfaction from seeing people she has trained -- people formerly afraid to speak in public -- stand center stage with total confidence.

At the The Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts, Patty trains people who, in public and private life, need that extra edge when giving a speech or performing before a camera. Whether you are an actor, a business person, a life coach, a motivational speaker, an organization president or any one of the myriad of position that can shine a spotlight on you, Patty’s Teleprompter Proficiency Course will give you a professional advantage.

Todd Vittum teaches both the Thursday Improv class and the Tuesday Intermediate Acting class. He is an experienced actor, producer and director. Todd is a recognized improvisational artist and has designed innovative scenarios for his students that make the imagination come alive. His “no scripts – no rules” approach to training is guaranteed to bring a look of surprise and pleasure to the faces of all who attend his shows.

Dudley Remus is a producer/director and actor known for his appearances in Angel Baby,  Cannonball Run,  Butterflies in Heat and  Stick. Dudley was a close friend of Burt Reynolds, working beside him at the Burt Reynolds’ Dinner Theater and, more recently, co-teaching with Burt at his master class.