About Us

The Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts has given a huge amount of time and energy to develop educational & entertainment venues in our community.

Our Mission:
Live your dreams, not your fears.

Dear Friend of the Arts:

Many times in life we are forced to make decisions contrary to what our heart desires. Such is the case with the Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts. Having started as the Burt Reynolds Institute for Theatre Training in 1995 and, then, expanding to become the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre in 2012, losing our namesake has been an emotional transition. Luckily, our staff was taught by the best in the business, and we can continue to expand our endeavors in our community. Those endeavors include advancing literacy (reading and writing) for all age levels and offering continuing education classes.

One of the most crucial lessons Burt drummed into us over the years was the importance of community. We are proud that “family” has always been an integral part of our relationship with our students and our audiences. Loyalty and dedication are the foundation upon which we built our reputation. With your help, we can reach many more people who want to express themselves in an artistic manner.

The Palm Beach Institute for the Entertainment Arts was formed to educate, advance and enhance a knowledge of the entertainment industry and to involve the community in all aspects of film, television and theater, including creative writing. Through our classes and shows, we have cemented an ongoing supportive and interactive relationship with Florida residents. Our Tongues a’Wagging community storytelling events have brought together people from a vast and diverse demographic and have created a feeling of unity and commitment that is encouraging, empowering and fulfilling. Our improv shows and acting showcases provide more than joy and laughter. They make personal problems seem less frightening and provide a greater understanding of the world at large.